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Taxidermy & Shipping

Quality finish guaranteed

We have a great taxidermy service because we want to be able to offer our clients the most convenient way to immortalise their trophies and remember their hunting exploits.

The taxidermists

The taxidermists we work with, have the latest technologies and products to guarantee the quality of the finishes. Some of the jobs they do are: pre-taxidermy for shipping (the most chosen by hunters), frontal or skulls, naturalization of chest, chest and middle or whole body, tanning of the skin, etc.

We offer the best conditions for the transport of trophies: security, speed and guarantee.

Hunting trophies are fragile and delicate and are a very important part of the hunting world. We take care of them and prepare all the special requirements, such as freezing the horns from the first moment. The next step is to bring the trophies to our taxidermist who takes care of all the necessary procedures regarding the treatment and cleaning of the skulls. Once the trophies have been prepared by the taxidermist (approximately 3 months) and reviewed by ourselves, we pack them in the warehouse and then transfer them to our broker with all the necessary information to plan the customs clearance (about 4 days to dispatch the trophy). Once we receive the payment of the invoice that specifies the cargo of the package, we proceed to send the merchandise. The time it will take you to get to the destination airport will be 3-4 days. When the merchandise arrives at the destination airport, you will only have to organize the customs clearance through your agent to obtain your precious trophies.

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