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Wild Boar

Hunting form

We organize Wild Boar driving hunts, for groups between 5 and 8 hunters. We also offer the possibility to individual hunters to practise hide hunting from turrets prepared for the occasion. In all hunts you will be accompanied by a personal hunting guide who will advise you at all times of which animal to be able to shoot.

Hunting area and season

Season: October to May (both inclusive).

Private lands belonging to the same Espadella Reserve (Castellón), where you can practice the Iberian Wild Boar hunt between October to May, both inclusive. They are natural hunting spaces that for years have been managed so that today they can practice hunting with 100% success assured. The wild boar is really appreciated in Spain. Is an animal of gregarious habits, it forms groups of males, females and young animals. It’s an animal of nocturne habits that spend the day laid in the lairs.


The Iberian Wild boar is characterized by its considerable weight and size. Also for its fangs that can reach many centimeters. Depending on the length and thickness of its fangs, the boar has a value or another.


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