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Iberian Red Deer

Hunting form

The Deer hunting can be performed driving or stalking. The last one being the ideal method since it allows us to take down deer with bigger horns, which means a bigger trophy.

Hunting area and season

Season: September to February (both inclusive).

Private lands belonging to the same Espadella Reserve (Castellón), where you can practice the Iberian Red Deer driving or stalking between between September and February,  both inclusive. In autumn comes the time of the zeal for the deer and with it the time of the Berrea, one of the most incredible experiences that nature offers us. From mid-September to mid-October, during the night we will hear the deafening bellows of the deer, with which it tries to mark its territory and attract the females. La Berrea is the perfect time to observe the big males in the wild, fighting each other crossing the horns, without a doubt a hunting experience very difficult to forget.


The Male Iberian Red Deer present horns that renew each year. That horns have been developing during the summer, acquiring greater size, length and number of tips as the age of the specimen advances.


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