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Iberian Mouflon

Hunting form

The stalk hunting is generally chosen for the mouflon, but in some cases it’s necessary to turn to the driving hunt. The Mouflon is an animal very suspicious and strong with a high vision sharpness, it lives in pack, so it’s really hard to surprise it.

Hunting area and season

Season: Between October and May (both inclusive).

Private lands belonging to the same Espadella Reserve (Castellón), where you can practice the Iberian Mouflon driving or stalking between October and May, both inclusive. The Mouflon adapts itself extraordinarily to the different environments and for this reason we can find him in different habitats such as deforested and rocky picks, humid woods or wild and dry hillsides.


The mouflons are endowed with large horns that curve on both sides of the head. The trophy is characterized by the thickness and the curved length of these horns.


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